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Xavier had a happy, humdrum life: normal friendships, a normal girlfriend, a somewhat oddball family. Until, that is, he literally stumbled through the fourth wall and discovered he was the protagonist of a manga.

Now he's scrambling to maintain any semblance of control over his own life in the face of something he never imagined he would need to contend with: the power of the Genre.

Hello, E.O. Tenkey here; thank you for your interest in "Not A Manga"! This is my first serial novel, and I successfully finished two volumes (and the entirety of the main story arcs that I originally planned) after about 20 months of publishing a chapter every Wednesday.

Familiarity with manga not required (though it can't hurt)! I hope you enjoy Xavier's predicament, and I look forward to exploring the bounds of the Genre with you.

(Includes light profanity; these are high school students, after all. No graphic violence or sex, though; Xavier got stuck in the wrong genre for that.)

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